Filmreihe #2030

The film series on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Every 1st Friday!

Monthly, every first Friday
delphi LUX, ARTE Sommerkino Kulturforum

Changing perspectives and roles: The Education for Sustainable Development Unit invites you to the cinema for Film & Talk #2030 with films from all over the world about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. You can look forward to extraordinary feature films and documentaries that deal with the topics of the 2030 Agenda. After the film, you can talk to committed initiatives and experts in the audience discussion.  

In the current season 13, the following topics are in the spotlight: wealth and social justice | sea rescue and anti-discrimination | the current discourse on German energy policy and environmental protection | dealing with fake news and human rights | childhood and selfless commitment.

Moderation: Lidia Perico (SBNE)

School Cinema

All films in Film & Talk #2030 can be booked for school classes for one month in the morning. If you are interested, please contact our SBNE team at 030 902912016 or sbne@charlottenburg-wilmersdorf.de .

Current information about the dates can be found on Instagram and Facebook: @filmreihe2030

A series of events organized by the Department of Education for Sustainable Development/Department of Public Order, Environment, Streets and Green Spaces of the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf District Office in cooperation with delphi LUX and the Berlin State Center for Political Education

Next up: Promised Land | 12.3.2024

With Samuel Höller from the organization A tip:tap, Andy Gheorghiu (Campaigner & Consultant for climate/environmental protection, and energy policy) and other guests, we will discuss the current energy policy in Germany, the development of sustainable energy production and the role of environmental protection initiatives. 


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