Gerhard Schöne Live concert: The Children's Song Alphabet

An event by Literatur LIVE: New Children's and Family Concert

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75 min

We are delighted that Gerhard Schöne will also be a guest at Literatur Live in 2024 with a concert. He is what he actually lacks everything to be - a star. Not only with children, but of course especially with them, and this has been the case for two generations by now. The greatest experience, however, remains his concerts. His children's songs like Jule, Booger or Bad Baby Kitty Schmidt and his concerts have long since become cult. Even adults feel damn comfortable and are quite unabashedly in the middle of it all. 
Editor's note
On stage: two big letters, an A and a Z, in between an oriental music machine, an American-Taiwanese guitar, a leather suitcase from Phantasia. In front of the stage: children of today, yesterday and the day before. Hall lights off. Stage lights on. Who steps up to the microphone? A new pop star in glittery clothes? Nope. An old acquaintance with his old hat. He doesn't yell: Hey Dortmund!!! Are you in a good mood? He might say, "Glad you're here!" A zigzag ride begins, from the beginning of the world to the magic song and - of course - to the encore, at least across the alphabet. With 26 of his own hits and completely new songs, Gerhard Schöne sings and plays his way through the 26 letters this afternoon. Sometimes with Lucio's car, sometimes in grandpa's boat, or a yogi's flying carpet, through real and invented countries, through old familiar and brand new songs. In 26 songs we sang, laughed and reflected together. "All must start small, let some time pass. It just has to gain strength and finally it's big." Gerhard Schöne
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