Iris Gavric & Matthias Renger ("Couple Of") LIVE "Shitmoves"

Book premiere - The successful duo of the podcast "Couple Of" Live

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120 min

Almost all problems in the world arise through communication and can be solved through communication. The only prerequisite: We must not want to win the conflict, but the people. Otherwise, sooner or later we will resort to shitmoves. But how do you recognise them? And how do you react to them? This book answers questions like these and many more questionable ones on the subject of manipulation. So it's better not to let it fall into the wrong hands.
Editor's note
Shitmoves are manipulative techniques used in conversation instead of factual arguments, with a single purpose: to win at all costs. And let's face it: we have all used, been victims of or witnessed one or the other shitmove. In a relationship, at work, on talk shows, in the supermarket. And if that pisses you off, this book is perfect for you.Iris Gavric and Matthias Renger run the successful podcast "Couple Of" together and have a joint creative agency. When they're not having relaxed arguments, they record TikToks - sometimes they do both. Every week they make hundreds of thousands laugh and think. On TikTok they can be found under @matthiasrenger and @irisgavric. The two live together in Berlin."Shitmoves" will be published by S. Fischer Verlag on 27.09.2023, 250 pages. An event by Literatur LIVE in cooperation with S. Fischer Verlag, Thalia Buchhandlung Berlin and Kino International.
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