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An anecdotal look behind the scenes of politics Politicians must have something to say, but speaking is also dangerous. Every sentence can be taken out of context, put on the gold scales and deliberately misinterpreted by political opponents. Nothing is as simple as one would like it to be, but explaining complicated facts is a particular challenge in times of short attention spans. Topics such as capital gains tax often have to be "translated" first in order to point out their relevance for citizens and thus arouse their interest. If you want to be successful in politics, you learn early on to say what the voters supposedly want to hear. And that can also be half-truths. Gregor Gysi explains how communication works in politics, why MPs are not appointed based on professionalism, what speaking time limits apply in the Bundestag, why he primarily addresses the viewers in talk shows and less to those who are discussing it, how differently print media and talk shows work and how important but also how difficult it is to present facts in a simplified and at the same time correct manner. Dr. Gregor Gysi, born in 1948, was a member of the People's Chamber of the GDR until 1990 and was chairman of the PDS parliamentary group. Until 2015 he was chairman of the Die Linke parliamentary group in the Bundestag. In December 2016 he was elected leader of the European Left. "What politicians don't say" will be published on February 24th. 2022 by Econ Verlag, 240 pages Organizer: Literatur LIVE in cooperation with the Econ Verlag, the Thalia bookstore and the Yorck-Kino GmbH
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Gregor Gysi erklärt, wie Kommunikation im politischen Betrieb funktioniert, warum die Abgeordneten nicht nach Professionalität aufgestellt werden, welche Redezeitbegrenzungen im Bundestag gelten, warum er sich in Talkshows vor allem an die Zuschauer wendet und weniger an die Mitdiskutanten, wie unterschiedlich Printmedien und Talkshows funktionieren und wie wichtig, aber auch wie schwierig es ist, Sachverhalte vereinfacht und zugleich korrekt darzustellen.
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