Yorck Unlimited. Unlimited Movies. Unlimited Cinemas.

Let our cinemas become your second home. Access to our entire regular programming for just 19,90 € per month.*

Your benefits as an Unlimited member

As many films as you want

You've seen your couch often enough. Experience hundreds of films per year on the big screen.

10% Discount on Snacks and Drinks

Show your Unlimited card and get a 10% discount on snacks & drinks.*

10% Discount on companion tickets

Invite your friends to the movies and save 10% on all Normal tickets when booking together with your Unlimited ticket.*
Initial minimum contract length 12 months. After that, Unlimited auto-renews according to your payment settings (either monthly or yearly) unless you cancel 14 days in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cinemas can I visit with Yorck Unlimited?

You can visit all of
14 Yorck cinemas in Berlin
as well as City Kinos in Munich.

How do I get the discount on snacks and drinks?

Show your Yorck Unlimited card at our checkout and give us a quick heads up that you want to redeem an Unlimited discount before you pay. The discount will be applied automatically when you scan your membership code. You can find the code on your black membership card or online

What is the minimum contract duration for Yorck Unlimited?

Yorck Unlimited has a minimum contract period of 12 months from the time of activation. After the first 12 months, Yorck Unlimited will renew based on the payment interval you choose: either monthly or annually. You can cancel up to 14 days in advance.If you use a gift code, the Unlimited membership will automatically end one year after activation on our website (not the purchase date of the gift code).

Can I gift Yorck Unlimited to someone?

A great idea - yes, of course! Vouchers are available in our cinema or conveniently in
our webshop
. The person receiving the gift can redeem the voucher within 6 months and activate their Unlimited membership.
The voucher contains a code, which the presentee redeems online at his or her preferred time at
. The person receiving the gift is free to choose the start of the term.

Can I book my seat in advance with Yorck Unlimited?

Of course! After you've signed up for Yorck Unlimited, you can use your Yorck account to book seats and tickets via our website or app for shows up to 30 days in advance. Your digital wallet can store up to three tickets for upcoming shows simultaneously.Note that you can't book tickets for overlapping shows – if you plan do do a movie marathon, your first screening must have ended before the next one starts (including credits).